Workflow after survey

Is it possible to set up a workflow that sends an email to the user when he finishes filling out the survey?

I’m getting lost in the names of the modules and their fields …


Yeah, that should be possible!

If you create a Workflow on the “Survey Responses” module

Then, with an Action like:

The above action will cause the CRM to send an Email to the Contact that filled out the Survey, when they hit submit.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions :slight_smile:


Great thanks! I was lost in the names fields! :grinning:

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Hi :slight_smile:

Is it possible to have a workflow send a survey to a Contact and have the survey response link back to that contact?

For example, when a Contact hits a status or completes an event we want a survey to be emailed without having to set up a campaign

I noticed when sending the survey via an email campaign inside the URL

Survey entry point
Survey ID

For the workflow / inside the email template I copied the public URL link of the survey

I added &contact=$contact_id

Comparing the 2 URLs they are using the same Contact ID

When attempting this I keep getting ‘unkown contact’ in the survey response

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi all
Good news this works from what have done above :slight_smile:
The issue I had was duplicate contacts :slight_smile:

I also added &account=$contact_account_id to the URL and it works for the response to also link to the account

Final URL used in the email template to send to contact via AOW

SuiteCRM survey public URL &contact=$contact_id&account=$contact_account_id

Thanks again