Workflow Actions Disappeared But Still Working

So I’ve got workflows that create like 15 tasks. I believe the workflow edit screen uses a lot of javascript to display all the tasks. You have to be careful on workflows with lots of tasks to not edit and save changes to quickly as it takes some time for all the actions to load. I’ve saved before they all loaded and obliterated some of the actions.

I haven’t gone in and changed my workflows in at least 4 or 5 months, maybe longer. I went in today, and the actions are all blank, but the workflow is still working, the actions just are no longer displaying in the workflow edit screen. Anyone run into this before?

Which version?

Have you checked for any Javascript errors in browser’s developer console?

I checked for js errors and didn’t see any. I just installed a fresh copy of LTS version 7.8.20 (I was on 7.8.7) I didn’t do an upgrade as I wanted to make sure everything was “clean.” Clean latest version has the same problem so it appears not many users are using the Workflow module, or at least not the way I use it as this has been an issue for several months now. Luckily I haven’t had to edit workflows until now.

If you want to see for yourself, create a new test workflow.

Add an action that creates a new task record. Add the ‘subject’ field for example and enter a test subject.

Now save the workflow and then go edit it.

The field and value of the action are not displayed when editing. Really frustrating. And I can’t edit via database record because the action code in the DB is super cryptic.


I’ve never reported an official bug as there’s always been a fix or workaround posted on the forum but this might need an official bug report. Still can’t believe it’s been like this for so long and no one else has pointed this out.

So I started installing old versions to see where the bug started and I kept going back and back and figured it couldn’t have gone that far back. It’s an issue with the browser. I’m using Chrome. I closed all windows. Cleared all the browser data (cache, etc) except cookies and restarted and it fixed it.

Wow, that’s weird. Anyway, I’m glad you solved it! :slight_smile: