Workflow Action "Date" Field with Business Days Options

In Workflow Actions, for a Date field we do have a Difference function for Adding/Subtracting Hours, Minutes, Days and Business Hours and these Options are fantastic. What i see is that we sometimes might need Business Days for a Particular Date to be Set. Can a Business Days option be added in the Date functions for workflow Action?

You are aware of this, right?

But what you need is different? Instead of restricting the times at which the workflows execute, you want them to execute normally but to calculate dates taking in to account working days vs weekends, right?

This seems to be where the hours are implemented:

And this is the logic that add hours:

Have you tried simply specifying 48 hours to add 2 business days? Or better, 16 hours if each business day has 8 hours…

The Hours and Days does not identify if they will fall on the Business days or Not. I would test on adding 48 Business Hours and 72 Business hours to see if it does set it to 2 or 3 BUSINESS DAYS later.