Work flow to send assignment notification

I want to create my own assignment notices for accounts and leads.
First of all I disabled the assignment of Default notifications from ‘Administration’ -> ‘Email settings’ -> Assignment Notifications.
Then I created a Work Flow that sends me an email to the assignee of the record only if it is different from the one previously modified/saved.
This operation seems impossible because there is no way to manage a historicity of the record assignees.
I tried to create a new field to save the assignee but a strange thing happens… This is my logical condition:

Accounts - old_assegnato_a - Not Equal To - Field - Assigned To

This condition does not work because the old_assigned_a field contains the name of the previous assignee… but during the evaluation the ‘Assigned To’ field uses the ID.
It’s weird because the name saved in my cutom field I get it using an Action from the work flow that uses ‘Assigned To’:

Recrod Type: Acounts - 
old_assigned_to - field - Assigned To

Conditions and actions in annex

The following logical condition seems to work, I report it if it can be useful to others:

`Accounts - Assigned to - Equal To - Any Change`

Hi @web_elinet,

That’s what i was going to suggest for you to try next. Let me know if you run into any other issue!

Great thanks :sweat_smile: