Work flow to reschedule calls

I am trying to create a workflow in suitecrm 7.8, but failing miserably! I want to look up all calls that are planned and have a past date and modify the start date to today.

Could you share a screenshot of your actual workflow attempt?

The conditions should be:

  1. Calls state=planned
    and 2. Calls start date<today


  1. Modify register start date=today

Sorry for delay, have been away for a few days, here is a screen shot

Seems it’s ok

This workflow should be works fine. Are you sure that you have calls assigned to Ian?

That’s what I thought ! but it doesn’t. However, if alter the modify to a value and put a specific date as per the attached it works, but this defeats the object of the workflow as i would have to edit it every day

I understand why this happens. Sorry, I don’t have too knowledge…

Did you try “Today +1”?