Worflow "Today + 1 day" sets "Today + 1 month and 1 day"


“Workflow Reminder Date” Field equal to


  1. Send email to record email - [ok]
  2. Modify Record - Set Workflow Reminder Date equal + 1 days


Before Date field was today 20th Feb 2017
After Date field is 21st March 2017

Is this a bug?

For clarity/correction
2. Modify Record - Set Workflow Reminder Date equal + 1 days

In a way I just fixed my own issue by using today+1 days instead of using workflow reminder field + 1 days.
Even so this might be a bug worth looking into as it will confuse admins who are trying to use the workflow tool creating confusion and perceived unreliability.

Sorry Steve,

What was the issue and how did you resolve it by the conditions?

Workflow Reminder Date – Is this a custom field? Did you create this as a date field or a date time field?

Thanks Samus-aran for your interest and input

Yes it is a custom date field (not datetime).
We resolved the issue by setting the action to add 1 day to todays date and inserting this result into this custom date field
For example, todays date is 22.02.17 so it inserts 23.02.12 into the custom date field
Previously the issue we had was that the custom date field contained 22.02.17 and when we add 1 day to the custom date the result is 23.03.17