Hi Guys

I have uploaded my SuiteCRM files on my server. Can someone help me to add a new page and publish it on WordPress?

Hello. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your question.

In general, I find that this software is complex enough so that two-line questions are almost never sufficient for anybody to help you.

If I wanted to help, I would have so many questions for you…

  1. which version?
  2. which hosting?
  3. just “uploaded on your server”, or installed and running?
  4. what is “add a new page”? SuiteCRM doesn’t have “pages”.
  5. Wordpress? How does this come into the picture?

Notice how I already spent more time on this issue that you… but you are the one who is interested in this…

Help us help you! : - )

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I managed to sort the problem out now its working.

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