Wordpress Vs. Joomla for Portal


We are looking to set-up a customer portal to work with our Suite CRM Installation and trying to choose between Wordpress and Joomla. Our goal is for customers to be able to login and download their invoices, fill out forms (which will send data back to us about various projects), confirm information on forms generated by us, see the latest updates on their projects etc.

I noticed suite crm comes with some level of integration with Joomla, but am I correct in assuming that it only supports cases? How easy would it be to extend this to support other modules?

I also notice there are some wordpress integrations available, so I am trying based on my above usage if I should stick with joomla or go with wordpress. I have a preference for Wordpress, for creating and managing the pages of our website but if Joomla was really the right way to go, I could consider Wordpress for the website and Joomla for the client login section?

Would appreciate any advice and experience of other users in this regard. I would love to be able to add features for our customers as our project develops furthers.



Have you checked the demo of responsive customer support for SuiteCRM . It is completely based on core php. You may go through the demo, and with few customization, it can be available for other modules built-in or custom that are related to contacts.

Hi yes good that you have focus on Joomla for its more powerful with ACL and great for buidling a portal integreated with CRM. I would be going with Joomla and have some blog solution like EasyBlog, EasySocial https://stackideas.com/easysocial if you need more power and use some template frameworks page builders like SP Pagebilder drag and drop with special template to build sites https://www.joomshaper.com/page-builder/ etc .

For get Joomla ACL to work you can use ACL manager too https://www.aclmanager.net/ to get better overview if you have complex set up and need more overview.