Word wrap on $aop_case_updates_description in email template

im using a workflow to send updates to users if a help case case has a comment but when i insert $aop_case_updates_description into the email template it is doing some sort of word wrap e.g.

You’ve had an update to your case test3 (# 3) on 17-11-2014:
Admin Administrator said:

Should have other words after “testing” but only shows the first word. i have tried it on the blank install and in my upgraded sugar install and getting the same problem

Hi there,

What does your update look like? Is there any code in the update?

Data should not be stripped out.



I have been able to reproduce the problem with the case module and the $aop_case_updates_description variable, my data was stripped out as well when sent out from a workflow. Some fields are not populated as either (same as https://ww.opensourceawards.org/forum/bug-tracker/714-bug-email-template-issue-variables-not-populating-with-values)

I am using Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS + PHP 5.5.9 and I did multiple install of SuiteCRM 7.1.4 and 7.1.5 and get the same issue.

It it sent out from a workflow, i have not seen an update function from the workflow email editor

Was anybody able to solve this problem? I am getting the same issue. I can see only the first word. Rest of the text is truncated.

Any help please?



I have faced this issue and have spent a lot of time but no result.

I have simply created an email and showing update description for the case but nothing is showing up except the first word of the case description.

My case update is “Working with the customer”. When the email comes, it only shows “Working”. that’s all I get.

Can you please let me the resolution?

Thank you.

Using 7.4 and still is a problem. Truncates after first word has been parsed. Can someone tell me the php file that the function is located in and I will investigate wha’ts going on here. Great feature, but currently not real usable. Or you could make the case of forcing folks to login to see the information as some ticketing systems use.

  1. Also, The current email template for user case changes has a variable $sugarurl which does not seem to be defined or resolves to a null value. Would be nice to fix this as well.

You can try this, is working form me