WooCommerce integration for Courses, Demos and Clients. (Logic validation)

Hi Community,
I am glad to be here.

As I start as a total noob in this field, I need some guidance.

I have a WooCommerce and I use a plugin to push information to SuiteCRM - (this one here - WooCommerce - SuiteCRM Integration by obtaincode | CodeCanyon) But it does not work as expected. I can not push product custom fields to SuiteCRM. This is my first problem. Do you have any suggestions how to fix this. Out of 15 needed fields I am missing 2.

I need some suggestions and logic validation. I dont know If I am using SuiteCRM correct.
From the previously mentioned plugin, i have the option to push the woocommerce orders as leads. After I have the informations there, I create custom Workflows to take the information where I need it to be.
I created
COURSE MEMBERS - (Renamed Accounts)
COURSES BOUGHT - (Renamed Contacts)
COURSE DEMO (Created new Module)

What I need it to be is.

  • If a Lead (order in WooCommerce) has the order value greater than 1, then move to Courses Bought and create Course Bought Entry.
  • If a lead has the order velue less than 1, then move to Course Demo and create a new Demo Participant.

Either way, there should be only 1 Course Member, where I can monitor either if they bought a Demo, or later on a Course. Course members should be unique by Email Address. What I did till now is that a member is getting created for each order as well as a CourseBought entry. But Course members should be unique and it is not. How do I solve that?

There are also multiple courses (types) that one can buy.

I also have some problems with the passing of the EMail Address, from the Lead to all the other entry types.

Is there an easier way around it?
Could I find someone to look at how I implemented things, if it is done the right way and maybe come with improvement suggestions? (I am also open to pay)