With the latest update, not even Micorsoft Edge can open the PDF output

Dear forum fellow members
My Windows OS has been updated including Microsoft Edge, which was the one and only program able to open the PDF files generated by SuiteCRM ( Version 7.10.11 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)).
After this update to Edge (Version 85.0.564.41 (Official build) (64-bit); I do not know what the previous version was) the PDF files can not be opened by Edge any more.
PLEASE HEEEEELP. I desperately need the PDF outputs.

PS: The current workaround is the generate an email, send this to me, copy the content meant to be in the PDF and paste it to MsWord and save/export/print as PDF. Previously, I opened the PDF file in Edge and printed it as PDF in order to make it readeable to others. This was not elegant either, but the situation now makes me desperate.

Hi @Joska,

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As mentioned by you, your OS was updated. For that this error is not related to SuiteCRM but instead it relates to Windows and your default application to open PDFs. I’ll recomend you to install Adobe Reader wich you can download for free from the official site. If you have it installed already please follow this link for instructions on how to change your default PDF application: