I love your initiative and I’m convinced that SuiteCRM will be a great solution for many of us.
After testing and evaluating

  • responsive UI (aleady work in progess as i read in the forum)
  • replace subpanels with tabs or sidebars to gete efficient and immediate total view
  • possibility to implement BtoC - nowadays focus on BtoB while there are many BtoC in need of descent CRM
  • adapt or give possibility tot adapt adressconfiguration:
    - for BtoC since 1) mainadress is same as facturationadress and 2) there are several kinds of adresses
    - adress is based on Anglo system, while continental adresses are more detailled, since we use housenummer + boxnummer as seperate fields
  • integration of dependent fields
  • integration of dynamic blocks
    see vtiger http://www.vtexperts.com/extension/vtiger-dynamic-blocks/
  • foresee possibility to use different emailadresses adapted to the structure of your company - not only user specific email but also foresee possibility to use department email
  • make summary view possible by creating extra view type
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Thanks for the suggestions.

A lot of these are changing the architecture or building integration, but if the community is interested maybe they will contribute.