Win10 versus SuiteCRM in local C drive. disappeared

I have SuitecRM 5.6 version in my local C-drive. That is easy for me to approach it with Report writer Crystal Reports 2013.

With the lastest W10 update,in background, W 10 removed the Bitnami Suite CRM in C drive and i had to re-install it,from backup in D drive.
Also some other Programs like Google Chrome and others were deleted by W10- update.

Is it possible to install the SuiteCRM (local) in D-Drive? to avoid deleting by W10 ( I use D drive as a backup)

How to avoid this big problem.

PS: I like working with the Old UI in the 5.6 version. .that is why I still have it.

Let me know, what to do, Thanks!

You can put it in whichever folder you prefer, as long as you configure your web server to use that folder.

Bitnami might limit your options, they’re scheme is more rigid. But you can ask them, their support is excellent.

I hope you are aware of how extremely insecure it is to use that old version, and old PHP versions…

You can also install Ubuntu inside the new Windows 10 as an app (not a VM!), and run a normal LAMP server from there. Pretty cool. I bet updates will never touch that :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the help, it is a very good solution.