Will SuiteCRM work for my company?

I work for a small service-based company (~15 employees). We currently do not have any system of managing clients, projects, and recording email conversations with clients and prospective customers.

We currently use webmail/Apple Mail for our email, but we may switch to Google Apps.

Is it possible for us to integrate our email with SuiteCRM?


You can set up gmail for IMAP/SMTP but when you say integrate your email, do you require more than simply syncing/mirroring of emails?

I guess what I’m wondering is if we can track email correspondence using suiteCRM?

You can definitely do that. Although for the convenience of using Outlook or Thunderbird you need to use a plugin. My personal favorite is Opacus. It’s not free but it works great. SuiteCRM also offers a free outlook plugin but it’s not as feature rich yet. If you can work with it you can also use the web-client that comes with SuiteCRM but I don’t think anybody in my company uses it.

We use “Email to Sugar”… It’s free, but the documentation is shoddy and finding a copy of it’s a pain in the arse. Someone uploaded a version in another post on this forum.

Basically you create an email “dropbox”. You have to manually forward incoming mail to it and BCC the address on outgoing mail.

The benefit is that I can archive emails from my phone, since it doesn’t support plugins.

It’s an option to consider. It works for us. I have a hunch for most folks Outlook / Thunderbird is a better option.

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Just to clarify on the Opacus add-on for Thunderbird, it’s available in two editions, one free the other paid. I use both and the functionality seems to work very well (plus, Thunderbird is an excellent business email client). Free version: