Wildcard search in decimal box

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We have recently created a decimal field in one of our modules that takes a 3-digit number.

When searching for records in this module, we want to be able to search for all those that have the second digit 2 (for example)

Currently the only options are a greater than/less than/equal to/etc in the search options. This will be a problem once we escalate above the ~150 records we currently have in the system, we need to search certain numbers in certain columns.

Equal to %2% doesn’t work.

Is there a way to do this? Or do we have to look at changing the field type to be text?

there’s no simple way to search with wildcard in an integer of decimal field, you need to convert it to varchar first

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thanks for the help.

posting back just to confirm my process here,

installed phpmyadmin
had to change root password (and then suitecrm config file) and flush privileges to allow root login, but that could just be my server
change the field type in the module
changed the information in fields_meta_data table
had to then go to module fields and edit the field. made no changes, but only after I saved did it recognise the change.

hope this helps someone else

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