Wiki - Upgrade prerequisites to be rewritten


Upgrade prerequisites are somehow misleading. As the wiki does not allow new users to register, I cannot have fixed the texte by myself. For instance, the sentence :

Navigate to the php.ini file on your web server and configure the parameters listed below in the Advanced section of the System Settings page of your current SuiteCRM installation:

does not make sense. The said parameters are part of the php.ini file and do not appear in the System Settings screen of SuiteCRM.

Next line, the Wiki states :

Restart the web server and begin the upgrade process.

Then the Wiki adds new requirements to be fulfilled before the upgrade process itself. This is not logical.

Ensure that LimitRequestBody is set to a large number ...
Ensure that the webserver user has write permissions to the SuiteCRM database...
Ensure that the CGI application does not time out if you are using the IIS web server...
Save PHP files for customized modules in the Customs directory...

Eventually, the following sentence should be rewritten too :

Ensure that the webserver user has write permissions to the SuiteCRM database. The upgrade to SuiteCRM 7.0.x will add and replace files in several locations including the SuiteCRM root directory. The webserver user must have write permissions for the root folder and all sub-directories during the upgrade process.

Are we talking about the permission to access the SQL database or about the permission to write in the ./suitecrm directory ? This is not the same. Gathering the two requirements under the same bullet point in confusing.

The upgrade process triggers difficulties for the end user. This would be better for the Wiki not to add even more uncertainty.