Wierd case creation scenario, need help finding out why

Hi All,

Haven’t been on here for a while due to being really busy. We are running v7.11.2 at the moment.

Problem Scenario:

// Client A sends email at 8:45am
// Client B sends email at 9:47am
// SuiteCRM does it’s normal checking for new inbound emails, creates cases and sends the auto response emails.

Client B gets emailed the auto response email upon case creation, Client B somehow instead of receiving the default auto reply template, they received the html contents of client A’s email.

How on earth would this happen? Due to confidentiality we cannot have problems such as this as that’s very dangerous. If anyone can give me ideas of where in the logs to check or what files to fix and amend by changing the code that would be greatly appreciated.


That is a bit shocking, yes :ohmy:

  1. Is this a clean installation? Or has it been upgraded from the past?

  2. Do you have customizations that might be interfering? Add-ons, other stuff in “custom” dir?

  3. Is this always reproducible or only happens sometimes?

  1. Sugar that was upgraded ealier on in the year, Has had quite a few SuiteCRM updates + code changes to fix stuff that wasn’t present in the current releases.
  2. Only stuff is custom fields on forms etc, no addons
  3. Unless people tell me of the issue, I cannot re-produce it. I’m guessing the email had corrupt mime-type, content etc maybe?

But how did two emails from two different times(i.e over 1 hour apart) get joined together and sent as an auto response? That part confuses me and not sure how that is even possible?

What file, code decides what response to use and what content to include in the response? Where is the logic?

Thanks pgr for responding, you are always a good help

I don’t know where the logic is, it is too complex to reduce it to a single point. If it was reproducible, we could try a debug session stepping through the code, but without that I don’t know how to proceed :frowning:

If you can try checking both your logs at the time when the error happens, maybe there are clues in there.

Also if it is possible to try some tests removing any customizations you have in custom folder, especially anything that touches the Email module.

If you look in your upgradeWizard.log, check if you got warning in the last upgrades (these also appeared on screen!) telling you you have files in custom that have new versions in the upgrade. This is a cause for bugs because it means something were changed but you’re not getting the changes, because you have and older file under “custom” taking precedence. There is nothing SuiteCRM can do about this except warn you and trust your judgement - you might need to apply manual merges of your code with the new SuiteCRM code.

(I’ll be away on vacations for a week so I won’t be answering you for a while)

I will keep checking the logs and also re-visit the upgrade log. Thank you pgr, enjoy your break.