Why two Italian language packs?


Thank you Roberto for your job!

But I’d like to know why there are two different Italian translation projects: one on Transifex platform, which is not complete, and a second one from Roberto Davila, who has just released it.

By now, I have done only few translations on Transifex because I’d like to help, but I’m not sure I’m of any help if the job has been already done.

Furthermore, if Transifex has to be the right platform to host any translation project why can’t Roberto Davila load his already traslated one?

I apologise for my questions, but I can’t really understand what’s going on.


Hello mistoppa,

this italian module is open source and everyone can reuse, improve, complete and load into Transifex.

I haven’t see nothing from suitecrm’s team or from the comunity that say to use transifex platform so, i have my “scripts” that help me in this work and for me is more simple work in this way.
Everytime we have some new SuiteCRM version, i need to rapidly release a translation for me, for my customers and for all the italian users, and i like to share my little work with the comunity.

I don’t know if Transifex is the right way or there is something better to do this… so this is my work for all and i hope to help italian people to use suitecrm and i hope to help also you.

But your is a right question…


Have you been on Crowdin project? Its the official way now and files will be available in the suiteCRM store.
Enter here: https://crowdin.com/project/suitecrmtranslations

It will be the easier way for you to work on translations and approve suggestions from others.
You can download the language pack anytime at any step of the translation process directly from Crowdin
So your users (and any other Italian users) can have a translation always updated and not to wait more then an year.

Note: You are free to download the language pack and make it available on your site too!

I’ve sent you an invitation to Crowdin!