Why no "save" button in editviewdefs.php of these modules?


I’m still learning the system and I’m just curios why modules like “Opportunities” and “Leads” do not have the “save / cancel” buttons defined in the metadata files. As opposed to modules like “Accounts”.

There’s gotta be a reason why

I can’t go and check right now, but probably this is because they are using generic code, for every module, while perhaps Accounts is overriding the basic class and extending it somehow.

But you do get the buttons showing on the screen, right? You’re just asking to know where they are defined in metadata?

Thank you for the reply and yes that’s correct the buttons themselves are visible.

I’m wondering about the setup because when I try to add a custom button (like in the tutorials) it overrides the “save/cancel” buttons in modules where they are not explicitly defined. I’ll have to investigate to see where it stores the generic code and how to override it.

Is it safe to simply explicitly define them like how it’s done in other modules?

I don’t know the answer but I can try to help you find it.

But I would ask you to please mentions the files you’re looking at, and exactly which views you are looking to change, what you click to get there.

This level of detail will save me time when looking for how the code is formed, and will ensure I answer what you need and not something else… this is a big app and it’s east to get lost, or to misunderstand what someone else means on the Forums. Thanks