Why my WorkFlow did not fire at expected time?

Dear Friends,

Please note: My schedulers and Cron are running without any problem. Cron is scheduled to run every 5-minutes.

My objective is explained in description: Once the Lead has confirmed that he/she will attend the Online Demo, this email will go 30-minutes before of the schedule of the Demo. And I want to ensure that this email is sent only ONCE.

I created a workflow and modified at 18:38.

I also modified the lead record at the same time of 18:38

I was expecting this workflow to fire at exact 19:00. But it didn’t. Can you share some insight as to explain – why it did not?

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You have greater than or equal to, so it will fire on any record with the scheduled date/time 30 minutes or more into the future.

Dear Simon,

I am a bit confused…

at 19:00 exact:
19:30 <= 19:00 + 00:30 i.e., 19:30 = 19:30 Isn’t it true?

19:30 >= 19:00 + 00:30 i.e., 19:30 = 19:30 Isn’t it true?

I don’t understand this, at 19:00 both conditions are true. How to interpret it?

please guide.

With thanks,


Can someone throw some light on what is happening, w.r.t., my workflow?

Are conditions 3 & 4 negating each other? If yes, how or why?

Please elaborate, so as to make me understand the working of such time-based conditions.