Why does Outbound email settings in the admin module not relate to outgoing SMTP Mail Server in email module?

After upgrading to 7.4, and also upgrading to Ubuntu 16.4 etc and php 7 (maybe connected?) sending mail from sutiecrm stopped working.

After reading many many forum posts i managed to succeed with sending mail via gmail, but could not get my local server or my ISP server to work. I read about the bug in the OutboundEmailAccounts edit page not saving passwords etc but could not get anything working other than gmail.

In the end i asked my ISP to help and they connected to my crm and sorted he problem out. Ive asked them to explain what they did and am waiting for a response.

But in the meantime,… if i click the settings button in the email module i can see that there are four outgoing email servers listed (from testing). However if i click on outgoing email servers in the admin/settings page i can only see two servers.?

Why aren’t these lists the same?