Why aren't the fields updating after importing

Hi all,

I’m new to SuiteCRM and am just getting started on this so apologies for the dumb question.

So I’ve imported about 40 contacts as a test…no problem there. Now let’s say some for the contacts’ scores jumped 10 points. I re-imported the same group with the updated score and made sure not to duplicate the contact by referencing the email. However, the contacts with the updated score isn’t being reflected.

I went into the contact and tried to the change the score, but it’s not saving either.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

What is “the score”? Is it a custom field?

Did you do a Quick Repair and Rebuild? Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and see if it is asking to “sync database with vardefs”, if it is, say “yes”.

Focus first on just getting the field to save - only when you have that working try the re-imports.

HI there,

Correct, the score is a custom field and the data type is an integer.

So when initially imported everything, it all went in fine, but when I tested two leads and changed the score, it wouldn’t import/update event though I selected "Create new records and update existing records "

I just did a Quick Repair and Build and got this message at the bottom: “Database tables are synced with vardefs”

Thanks for replying and if you have any other insights/tips, that would be very much appreciated!

  1. For the Contact’s Edit view not saving Score custom field: you need to get to the bottom of this. Check your logs at the time of that event. See if you can remove the field from the Layout (in Studio), QR&R, then add again, and QR&R.

  2. For the import: it’s possible that problem no. 1, whatever it is, is causing this difficulty. But it is also possible that SuiteCRM is not able to match the records (so that existing records are updated during import). Try exporting the existing Contacts, including “id” field (which is the real primary key), editing Score, and re-importing - see if that works.

Hi there,

When exporting with the ID and re-importing, it updated the score and values. So that worked and thank you!

The question now is, I assume I’ll have to do this every time I need to update these individuals score? So that still kind of brings me back to square one where I’d like to just import and update as it goes in :-/

Again, thank so much for helping me out…I really appreciated and any other insight on how bypass that extra step of exporting and reimporting would be great.

The proper solution would probably be a better integration with the source of the data for your score updates, instead of importing. So whenever the score changes in the other system where this information is coming from, you call an API and update it in SuiteCRM.

If you don’t want to do it one by one (as an online update), but prefer to do it in batches, you can still make your own import routine in PHP as a custom entrypoint and make it update the records through Beans (see docs.suitecrm.com/developer).

Of course and totally agree with you. But we’re a skunk-works team that’s doing our own thing to prove the decision makers on how beneficial and easy a CRM would be if used properly. More importantly, increase revenue and ROI :slight_smile: