Why am I unable to uninstall RC2 plugin?

I have had lots of issues setting up the RC2 version of the Outlook plugin, so I decided to uninstall and go back to an older, stable release for now.

I have removed the plugin from Outlook, Uninstalled from the control panel programs list, deleted the downloaded solution files from my hard drive, and have even gone through the registry to remove references to the RC2 files and directories.

I still get the settings form with the LDAP checkbox, and that allows me to select Contacts, Tasks and Calendar synchronization, and OF COURSE, gives me the “Unexpected Character…” error message when I try to test or save.

I am beginning to wonder how to completely remove all remnants of this RC2 so I can properly install a stable version. Even if all I get is email synchronization.


We’re working on the production release of the new plug-in and will keep you up to date.