Why accept field is not working? or am I missing something?


I want to test my events module is working or not. Therefore, I used default event email template, and provided a website in the “Accept Redirect URL”. As a result, after sending the invite email, status column reflecting the change as “Status: Invited”. However, the accept column is not reflecting anything after clicking the provided URL.

Please find my attached screenshot for your reference.


Please Help

Please show an example URL to confirm participation.

Hi @palach,

Thank you for your response. Also, it was my mistake, where I added the incorrect field variable.

Previously, I added the $fp_events_accept_redirect (field variable) on my default email template. However, to activate the accept action on my email template, the correct field variable was $fp_events_link. As a result, I am now able to receive records with accept statuses.

Please refer the below attachment.


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