white screen

SuiteCRM it was working fine but today I saw the login area with withou theme or layout (see attached screenshot please). Same when login, all white except short menu (attached too).

How to solve it?

That is missing CSS file. Possible causes/fixes include

  • caching issues, try it on a different browser, and on a different computer, and from a different network

  • run a Quick Repair and Rebuild from Admin / Repair

  • on the server, check file permissions

  • on the server, delete cache/themes directory, it will get re-created

Solved thank you for your help.

I think it is only possible to send emails by the users from main email account. I added one more but users can only send from main email account.

And I do not know how to delete emails… in calls I can, but not in emails…

I readed that are pending issues. Are already solved or there is a trick to do this two things on the meanwhile?

Thank you again

Please consider opening a new thread explaining any pending issues (like those email issues).

And state your SuiteCRM version when you do that! :slight_smile: