Whic are the steps for to configurate maps?

I can’t to do work maps in my suitecrm 7.3 version. I follow this video of configutarion and this http://www.jjwdesign.com/google-maps-geocoding-process-for-sugarcrm-video/ and i can’t to do work this. I go to Module geocoded counts and i see all the OK column i 0.

I did this steps:

  1. i check Google map settings. Here i need to set any special Geocoding API URL or only as this is fine? https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json?sensor=false
  2. I need to set anything in The URL of the Google Maps API V3 or Proxy?
  3. I copy My CRON url link and set this in one scheduler but this never build logs. After i see suitecrm.log and this only show this message: [-none-][FATAL] Configuration variable date.timezone is not set, guessed timezone UTC. Please set date.timezone=“UTC” in php.ini!

Too i create one simple account and i set the industry, the address, and i go to Quick Radius Map option and set the same addres of my account created and this map of Quick Radius Map not show any marker in the address of the account created.

What i need to do for to use correctly the markers for example in Quick Radius Map option?




Same problem here, did you figure out?

Same problem. 2019

Make sure you have followed the below-mentioned steps.

After correct setup of cronjob and execution. You can also verify the geocoding in your database table for example. Contacts module then check the contacts_cstm table.