Where to put modified tpl file


I’ve modified the view.step2.php and step2.tpl from the import module and now want to put it in a package so that I can export it after. The problem is that when I try tu put the tpl file in custom/modules/Import/tpls I don"t see any changes. So I modified the path in the view.step2.php but that’s not what I wanted at first,

I have 2 problems now, when trying to import the package, it tells me Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/83D7.tmp/view.step2.php to modules/Import/views whether this file doesn’t come from the cache but from the view folder in Import module. The 2nd issue is that this file is bound to replace the other one in the original module but I can’t put it in the custom folder, so If I upgrade, this file will be lost.

Thanks :frowning:

Since I’ve found it on my own, I post my solution :

I had to create a package with the …view.php from the views folder in the module file which display thetpl that I modified ( I had to change the path of the tpl file in the …view.php) and then I’ve put those 2 files in the custom/modules/import/views or custom/modules/import/tpls. And now it doesn’t fail when loading the package with the manifest, and I get what I want. :wink: