Where to Get Ready Made Roles


I’m currently learning to use SuiteCRM as an administrator.

I would like to streamline SuiteCRM for the ‘Employees’ so as to keep the focus on what they need by seeing only the things they need.

What they NEED is not something I’m very familiar with, so I would very much appreciate is somebody has some generally used ready made roles I can look up to as a guide for setting up roles in SuiteCRM.

Usual roles are for:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Support


When it comes to Roles and Security Groups, I believe there are some common configurations, but at the same time, every company is different from one to the other, and that can lead to a number of differences. What is valid for somebody might not be valid for somebody else. All that said, I’ll leave you a link you might find helpful to get a better understanding on what you need: