Where is {{suitecrm.root}}/Api/V8/OAuth2 now, is docs outdated, how to handle connections now?

I’m trying to get SuiteCRM working, but in docs:

it says that ’ First, open a terminal and go to {{suitecrm.root}}/Api/V8/OAuth2
but the version I DLed ‘SuiteCRM-8.2.2.zip’ and installed there is no such /Api -folder.

So is there newer docs, how to handle connections to other apps (for example Nextloud)?
And is it not possible to connect the Nextcloud 25.0.2, so I need to downgrade, or only not recommended yet?

You could try “/public/legacy/Api/V8/OAuth2”

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Cool, thank you very much! :+1:
Hope I get it working now…