Where is "Recently Viewed" top panel?

Sugar has a nice “recently viewed” panel under the main menu. Is there a way to get that with Suite? It made navigation between accounts, contacts, and leads quick and easy.

If you hover over any of the individual object menu’s there is a recently viewed record under that menu.


  • Click on Accounts, hover on accounts and there is the list of recently viewed accounts.
  • Hover over Home: see the recently viewed records from all modules.

It is not identical, but I hope this helps.


Yes, I saw that. It’s not as convenient as what SugarCE has, but I can learn to live with it. Not that big a deal.

What I’d really like to see is in detail view an icon showing me if what I’m looking at is a Lead or an Account record.

That is a good idea.
Do you mean like Breadcrumbs on the detail record after clicking?
Or were you thinking on the pop out menu showing which of those records are which type before you click?

In the old days of SugarCRM CE it displayed a tiny lead icon or an Account icon next to the name in detail view. Then they changed the default theme and it went away.

If a graphic icon is too hard, then just the world “Lead” or “Account” after the name would work for me. I have a zillion leads and account and am never sure who is who or if I’m on a Lead screen or an Account screen.