Where find my custom list in DataBase

Where find my custom list in DataBase?

You are going to have to elaborate more on this.

for example in my suitecrm add attribute of types to leads with several options, Where can find the table of this attribute in my database and her options?

If you are trying to add a dropdown field or change the values of an existing dropdown field, you do that by going to Admin >> Dropdown editor. Here you can either edit an existing list of options or create a new one and then if you are adding a new field, select dropdown as the type and pick the list you created.

These values are not stored in the database. They are stored in a file on the server in an array.

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For example: in my module of opportunities added atributo of group and contain several data, this information find the file in module opportunities or in another module.

Where I find the information of a new attribute that I added in the drop-down list editor?