Where does SuiteCRM save its data?

hi guys, i’m a newbie to suitecrm and just finished installing this on ubuntu server 16.04.4
i’m running unraid and would have love and that this docker would be available on the limetech app section, but it isnt…so i installed it on a vm.
my question is, by default, where is all the metadata and mariadb saving it’s data?
if it’s on my SSD (my appdata cache), would it be possible to have the data moved to my share drives, as it builds i will run out of space.

is there some instructions i can follow?

thank you in advance, …ps what an amazing project!

Hi, welcome.

I took the liberty of moving your post into a new topic, it is too unrelated to the previous one. In general, it’s better to open a new topic than to reuse an old one.

Please explain a little better what your question is. I never heard about “unraid”, maybe that’s why I am a bit lost.

You want to know where the data will be stored, so you can manage the storage better?

thank you very much.
unraid is a server storage platform, mostly for NAS, but also runs dockers and other applications and vm’s.
so the app data SSD where i have my ubuntu server has limited space.

i would like the data, metadata, to be save onto the NAS and not the SSD.
how can i configured the volume mappings for this data to go to my large disks and not SSD.

thank you again for your help!

This looks like something specific to MariaDB, not SuiteCRM… Anyway, I think you should check MariaDB’s “datadir” setting and point it to a path on your large drive (by default it’s /var/lib/mysql)

The term “metadata” already exists in SuiteCRM for something else, so it’s confusing when you use it like this…

SuiteCRM stores it’s data:

  • in the database
  • in upload directory
  • in custom directory
  • some rare kinds of customizations, in modules directory.

It’s easy to split SuiteCRM with web server in one server and MySQL in another, connecting via TCP/IP. Maybe this kind of set up will work well for you. But it means that the database server would have to be active (run MySQL), not just a file share.