Where can I find the settings for the home tabs or pages?

I have been looking at the settings for the user’s homepage tabs and dashlets, and I can see some of the dashlets but I can’t find anywhere in DB or code where the user preferences for home tabs/pages are stored.

Hi leenyx,

user preferences for the home page are stored in the table user_preferences in JSON format in base64 encoding.

You can extract them from the database in linux by:

mysql --skip-column-names -B --raw -u db_username -p -e "select contents from user_preferences where category='Home' and assigned_user_id='user_id'" db_name | base64 --decode


  • db_username = mysql user name
  • user_id = id of the user that you want extract the preferences from
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Thanks very much, that’s exactly what I was looking for.