Where are the Studio Layout changes stored?

I customized the layouts in Studio for both builtin and custom modules but they reverted to default after a migration (new install of 7.13.2 with the same DB).

Where are the changes stored?

Basically everything is stored in the /custom/ folder in various sub folders. I “think” if you copy the custom folder back to your migrated install and then did a repair and rebuild you’d probably be OK. Definately test first, take backups.

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For custom modules created with Module Builder, you also need the directories under /modules/myCustomModuleName


Export Studio Customizations

  1. Navigate to Admin > Studio, in your development environment.
  2. Click the Export Customizations button.
  3. Enter the package name, author, and description. …
  4. Select the modules you wish to export the customizations for.
  5. Click the Export button.

That’s great option. So, we could export all customized files module wise and then import in new version? :upside_down_face: :crossed_fingers:

One other thing I forgot about. You “may” want to copy over the cache folder. Some stuff in there is legit “cache” but there are other critical things in there you may need.

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You’re right. Critical user generated files and documents that can’t be found anywhere else, are stored in the v7 cache dir. You absolutely must copy the contents of the v7 cache located at cache, to the directory where v8 stores the v7 cache, located at public/legacy/cache.

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