Where are the Case notifications coming from?!

Upgraded to latest SuiteCRM and all of the sudden contacts in cases are getting email notifications. We never set anything up like this before. We create new cases and associated account and contacts via REST from data entered via a web form. E-mails look like this:

========== Please reply above this line ==========
Hi ,
We’ve received your case Morris Order (# 380) on 2016-04-04 17:05:47
Status New
Reference 380

We haven’t changed any of the form or REST calls. Just upgraded (we were about three version behind) Where the hell are these coming from and how do I turn them off?! Help!

It appears in the upgrade either the Advanced Open Portal module was introduced or turned on. It really shouldn’t have a default setting of ON. This created a bunch of confusion with our customers who started getting all these default email templates that didn’t make a lot of sense to them.