Where are additions to industry_dom drop down list stored

I’ve been able to find the data provider array for the initial list of industries for the industry drop down list. But I can’t find where additional categories are added. I’ve done a database dump and searched for the string values I’ve added and they are not there. Where are additional fields stored? This is suitecrm 8.1.2. There is a bug in the drop down editor that prevents from adding values that have spaces or special characters, even though the initial list data has values with spaces (“Not For Profit”).
Thanks for any help.

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It is not a bug. It is restriction to allow space in key. You can add space to the label.
The dropdown arrays are stored in file.

  1. Core dropdowns are at
  2. Custom dropdowns are at

If you want to add it at industry_dom.You just simply copy array from Core (include/language/en_us.lang.php) and put that array in (custom/include/language/en_us.lang.php) add your value into that array.


That restriction does not make sense as it is done in core drop downs.
Also, it limits the capability to build dynamic drop downs based on it.
For example, you cannot use studio to create a custom field that would be based on Opportunities sales stage.

Well if there is a restriction in the key for no spaces or special characters, as mentioned one of the default categories has spaces in it on install, in both the key and label. Also, the restriction doesn’t make sense to apply to industries, that are quite commonly paired together i.e. Parks And Recreation, Pet Toys and Supplies etc. Why the restriction?