When targets are not a person but a company

Hi, by the question I am gonna ask you will know that I am new to CRM´s, so I am learning from 0.

I have read that the first thing when you have not contacted a possible Lead is to add them as a Target and later on convert them into Leads and after into Opportunities. So my question is this:

In SuiteCRM, the Targets are full of fields to add a person´s information on it, but what happens when I have only contact info from companies, like name, address, email, phone number, etc…? Should I add the company info as a person and change later when I get the persons info or how is the best way to do it?

For companies, you use Accounts.

For people, you always use Contacts, sometimes you additionally use Leads, sometimes you additionally use Targets (if you need those three levels of “approach” to your business). These “people” records are convertible from one to the next.

But the concept you’re missing is probably “Target Lists”. These can be made up of all the 4 concepts explained previously, and your campaigns go out to Target Lists.

So I’m guessing you can simply have a list of Accounts and direct campaigns at a Target List made up from them.