When can we expect Outlook plugin v4?

Hi guys,

Could the team please give us a little insight into the status of the next major release of the Outlook plugin? The current version doesn’t quite work for us (support for custom modules is still broken and we’ve been facing a lot of login problems lately) and I’d like to know whether to wait for the new release or research other options.

There’s still no response nor any further info neither here nor in the Store. At this point any kind of response from @salesagility would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @TLi,

Apologies that your question went unnoticed.

SuiteCRM Outlook Add-in version 4 is still in active development and is a complete rewrite of the plugin and will be quite different from what you see today in version

Version 4 is being designed to support additional platforms like Office 365 on top of improving stability, performance and maintainability.

We are nearing the end of development of the initial phase one release of version 4, currently anticipated to be available in late June/ early July this year.

Hi @Mac-Rae

Thank you, this is great news! I’d be happy to do beta testing if you need some. :slight_smile:


Any news on this?

Hey @TLi!

Exciting news this time round, were looking for a release within the month. Currently i myself are testing for compatibility and doing a few final checks. I’ll update you if we get an exact release date but we’re not looking to far out now :+1:

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@Mac-Rae thanks for the info! You might sense I’m rather eager to get my hands on it :smiley:

Just to update, we have a release! Yay! :business_suit_levitating:

@salesagility, I salute you. Will you be releasing the source and if so, in the old or a new repository?

The source should be kicking about soon i do believe however i’ll need to confirm when and where this will be available :+1:

@TLi i’d be really interested to hear your feedback! Feel free to DM me if you have any questions or issues :ok_hand:

Hey guys - we are keen to test and give our feedback.

Please advise when the source code is available in GitHub and if it is the same repository as v3 or if it will be in a new one.

Hey! When atm I’m unsure however will try get some info for you, it most likely will be a new repo how should be visable via the SalesAgility Organisation when it’s up.

Testing wise you can sign up for a free trial here

Great - thanks for the update - we are downloading the free trial to start to review.

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@mjel70 Looking to forward to the feedback, Direct message me if there’s anything I can help you with or you run into any issues :smile: :+1: