When are scheduled emails sent?

Apologies for a newbie-type question, but I am having difficulty understanding exactly when campaign emails are sent. Are they just sent when the nightly mass email scheduler kicks in (on the hour between 0200 and 0600 by default), or are they sent at the time you enter in the “Email Marketing” page? e.g. if it is now 1400, and I enter 1600 on the Email Marketing page, will the emails be sent at 1600, or at the first running AFTER 1600 of the nightly email job, i.e. next morning ar 0200?

I think they just send at the hour set on the campaign. Anyway, this is the kind of thing that is simple to test, and even to adjust: if required, make that Scheduler job run more frequently.

The mails are sent by the scheduler. So when the scheduler job is called after the time for sent setting in the campaign start to send using the “campaign email setting” (in the administration)

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