What's your VPS Specs and your User Load?

Next year I need to do a major migration to get off Centos 7 and move to AlmaLinux (Centos 8). I’ve been running a VDS (Virtual Dedidicated Server - which is just a VPS with guaranteed dedicated cores and max 4 clients per node). So my VPS is currently 2 dedicated cores and 8GB RAM with SSD storage. I’m running a half dozen low-traffic Wordpress websites and Suite with about 8 users. My CPU usage (using top command) is almost always under 1.0 (so it rarely pushes over using more than one of the cores). RAM, about 1.5GB is used with about 5.5 GB is being used as buff/cache and 1GB used as swap of which about half the swap is listed as avail Mem.

So by all accounts, my VPS is oversized for the load. The PHP execution time as shown in the footer on Suite for say a Case Detail page with a couple custom fields averages in the 0.8-1.1 second range. (Same with the edit view.)

I’ve used a lot of hosting providers and no one has come close to the price/performance/support level-response time that Ramnode has provided (I’ve tried Vultr, OVH, Rackspace, Inmotion and others I can’t even remember.)

I want to move Suite onto its own VPS. Currently the MySQL DB size is 0.95 GB. We mainly use the cases module and we currently have about 11,000 records with 11.5 MB data and the cases_cstm custom field table is 244 fields and is about 14.6 MB in size.

I guess a lot of this is irrelevant as the main thing is the PHP execution time (aside from network speed at the data center which also isn’t important for so few users as the user’s internet speed is more likely going to be the bottleneck in all this.)

I’m curious what others have for their VPS specs and for how many users? I think I could probably migrate SuiteCRM to it’s own exclusive Linux VPS with as little as 1 CPU core and 3GB RAM and users wouldn’t notice a difference.