What's the Best way to import Emails and Email Marketing into CRM?

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What’s the best way for someone to import email to a customer as a note?

For example? When my salesperson sends an email to a CRM contact using gmail/yahoo/outlook, How can I get that email into the CRM for that customer so that’s part of the Customer’s record? I looked around, and I didn’t see any documentation on that. Can I BCC a specific email address to suiteCRM?

Do I have to use Zapier.com or PodBox.com for that integration?

Is there some magic setting I’m missing?

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Configure the Inbound and outbound email accounts. For each user to to emails module and click on settings -> Mail Accounts -> Add . Now on the email module itself the mail account is synchronized. Just make sure that the Scheduler job is setup at correct intervals, Which will bring the email in to the CRM.

Sending emails from SuiteCRM for let say contact, will automatically save the email in History subpanel.
If you always want an email address to be kept in BCC, You can add that programatically in function send() of modules/Emails/Email.php

You say: sending emails from SuiteCRM it will auto save in the history subpanel, but Do I have to send the emails from SuiteCRM? Can I connect the email to the contact if I were to use the gmail interface to send?


There are 3 ways of “importing” emails in to SuitecRM

1 - configure the email section of SuiteCRM’ and you can send yoru message directly from SuiteCRM’ and a copy of the message is kept in the contacts profile (use any email account tha you have, as long as you can configure the IMAP configuratin: private mail server, gmail, yahoo, etc…)
2 - literally copy and paste each part of the email you sent into SuiteCRM (adressee, subject and body) as a note.
3 - use a plug in for either of the email clients: Thunderbird and Outlook. You will use your email client to send your message, and there is an option to save a message to your SuiteCRM right in the sending of the mail (for Thunderbird, not sure how OUtlook plug in works, but must be similar. Th eThunderbird plug in is easy to install, and easy to configure)

I have used all three. Copy pasting into SuiteCRM is painful, BUT, at least it can be con if no other means are availalble.

I feel that the email client in SuiteCRM is good, but still needs some work. But, one advantage of using the built in email client is that if you place more the one addressee in a message, the built in client will save a copy to each and every contact that have a profile i your SuiteCRM (works fo rme anyway:).

I use Thunderbird mainly because the built in email client is lacking a small feature that I use a lot in Thunderbird: The button that allows me to ask the received to send me a receipt of mail acknowledgement.

You asked about using gmail to send an email an saving a copy into SuiteCRM. This will nto work, because there is nothing in gmail that will allow you to save a copy.

Hoep that this helps.