What's happening to the theme?

Hi there,

recently upgraded from to latest version with the new theme and got some issues with alignment on icons, different size dropdowns, padding, fonts etc, I thought okay maybe I just need to clear my cache and set some permissions as normal but it didn’t change anything. Then I log into the suiteondemand demo and the same theme issues are there;

Is there something I’m missing or something that didn’t get updated properly?

There had to be a change of icons and this caused some misalignments.

Please open an issue on GitHub with this screenshot. Not all of these are actual problems, though - for example the red “x” mark to delete filters is where it’s supposed to.

The red cross seems to be under the fields list button, and I believe it should be above with a higher z-index.

In any case these are minimal non blocking issues fortunately.

They are minimal, and don’t affect the actual running of things, but I’m reluctant to roll the updates out to customers as it doesn’t look like a very professional product with these kind of issues.

Ok, just open the GitHub Issue please, otherwise no one will be taking care of this. Like you said - it doesn’t affect usage too much, but it looks bad and unprofessional, and that’s reason enough to make sure it gets fixed, we want to be proud of our app :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about the Github etiquette, should I open individual issues for the different items or put them all in as one?

In general I’d say it’s better to split Issues into separate posts, yes, but for this it is really all the same thing: Small UI mis-alignments. You can use your screenshot which is eloquent enough. Thanks