What tool to use to test API inserts?

I am looking to test API with suitecrm. What tool can I use to send API inserts to the suitecrm database? I want to make sure it works before sending crednetials and have to test with the 3rd party provider of data.
Thank you!


Here are the code snippets for REST API with CRUD. I know the version is old but it is still valid.
You can replace v2 to v4
$url = '<SITE_URL_OF_SUGAR>/service/v2/rest.php'; to
$url = '<SITE_URL_OF_SUGAR>/service/v4/rest.php';

Personal I use postman for testing API calls etc, good way of debugging, there’s a guide on the docs site here: https://docs.suitecrm.com/developer/api/developer-setup-guide/suitecrm_v8_api_set_up_for_postman/

Thanks Mac-Rae. I loaded postman and am figuring it out. I’ve created the environment and imported the json collection. I created public and private keys. I created oauth2 ID and plugged it in and looks like I got a token in response to a client credential request. So I guess I did it right. I’ll now do the same and provide the credentials to the API guy and see what happens.

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