What to do with records of contacts that past away?

I am facing one issue: What do we do with deceased contacts?
I would not delete them because they might be part of the history of a device that we sold, might be nice that device with serial number 123 was first sold to M. X who passed away, and the device is now used by brother in law, etc… you see the point…

Some of our customers are quite old and this is a real fact of life for our sales team…

The other question is how to remove them from normal listview?


you can create a new field that will flag the contact as not valid anymore, and then in the searches you can add a filter on that field, that’s how I handle Accounts

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indeed, this was my intention but I would like the filter to be “natural”, i.e. that it won’t show deceased contacts by default.
if I add a drop down list “Active, Deceased” …
how do I make the basic and advance search look for Active by default?
I tried many ideas from a google search but could not find any way to default fields value in searches…

I also consulted suitecrmfordevelopers and could not find an answer…

You could try with an after_ui_frame logic hook.

Basically you inject some javascript using a php echo statement that does the selection for you.

I haven’t tried but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work. If you try please post back the result and the working code.