What level of access can change security groups of records?

When working around with security groups, I found only the admin can change the groups where the records belong to. Are there any ways for a common user to modify groups for his own records?

Besides, are there any ways to filter out specific records which belong to specific groups? or add a group column in list view?



1 -
Create Roles - this controls user access

In Roles you will see “Security Groups” as an option and you can let basic users manage and update what groups are added to the record

In SG settings you can also manage the default behavour - eg if assigned to user then their group is auto added

2 -
Again in roles you can limit users access so they only “view” and “list” = “group”

This will auto hide any records the user’s group is not assigned to :slight_smile:

And from list view at the bottom you can see “mass assign group” - lets you add or remove a group from multiple records at once

Thanks again