What is your choice of word for a SuiteCRM extension? Add-on or Plug-in?

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  • Plug-ins

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Hello Community! :wave:

This year we are looking to re-vamp parts of the SuiteCRM “extension” ecosystem as we continue to improve SuiteCRM 8 and make it as extendable as possible. The ability and freedom to enhance your SuiteCRM is part of what makes SuiteCRM so loved.

I know we have a good network of extensions already, but we’re interested in what is the agreed term we all refer to them as. Add-ons or Plug-ins (we excluded Extension because it’s too lengthy).

Help us coordinate the add-on/plug-in catalog by sharing your vote! :ballot_box_with_check:

Hi @samus-aran

I might be a bit retarded here but I have always seen “addons” and “plugins” as one and the same thing. So I do not really catch your question.

Could you maybe explain what is your definition of these and how they differentiate from each other in the way you see it?

Thanks… :facepunch:

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No problem at all @PowerQuest. You’re correct that add-ons and plug-ins are very interchangeable. We were asking what term the community uses so that we can all refer to for consistency across multiple SuiteCRM platforms etc marketing, videos, store etc. :slight_smile:

Right thank you for the your explanation and reply @samus-aran .

I’d say that in my opinion that “Plugin” is the right word/term for it.
Most larger systems use that term like for example WordPress and even SugarCRM uses it from what I can recall.

So that my 5 cents. :+1:

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Plugin for me too as I think this is just a little more current.

it seems much nicer or more logical to me to use the term extension or package.
this greatly increases in my opinion the possibilities for customizing the system than a plugin or addon

I might be just used to wording “Plug In” for the simple fact that I am forever on WordPress. I don’t think either is wrong, as long as its consistent otherwise clients will get into a tiz.

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Sorry, I haven’t used a plug-in yet, so I’m not familar with the actual mechanism in SuiteCRM. However…

IMHO it depends on the strategy being used in SuiteCRM to extend functionality. Pedantically, the epitimology is a electical plug and socket, i.e. a plug-in fits into an common interface. If there isn’t a common interface for plug-ins, then by contra-definition the extension code is an add-on, not a plug-in.