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What is your choice of word for a SuiteCRM extension? Add-on or Plug-in?

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Hello Community! :wave:

This year we are looking to re-vamp parts of the SuiteCRM “extension” ecosystem as we continue to improve SuiteCRM 8 and make it as extendable as possible. The ability and freedom to enhance your SuiteCRM is part of what makes SuiteCRM so loved.

I know we have a good network of extensions already, but we’re interested in what is the agreed term we all refer to them as. Add-ons or Plug-ins (we excluded Extension because it’s too lengthy).

Help us coordinate the add-on/plug-in catalog by sharing your vote! :ballot_box_with_check:

Hi @samus-aran

I might be a bit retarded here but I have always seen “addons” and “plugins” as one and the same thing. So I do not really catch your question.

Could you maybe explain what is your definition of these and how they differentiate from each other in the way you see it?

Thanks… :facepunch:

Kind regards

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No problem at all @PowerQuest. You’re correct that add-ons and plug-ins are very interchangeable. We were asking what term the community uses so that we can all refer to for consistency across multiple SuiteCRM platforms etc marketing, videos, store etc. :slight_smile:

Right thank you for the your explanation and reply @samus-aran .

I’d say that in my opinion that “Plugin” is the right word/term for it.
Most larger systems use that term like for example WordPress and even SugarCRM uses it from what I can recall.

So that my 5 cents. :+1:

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Plugin for me too as I think this is just a little more current.