What is Workflow Calculated Fields contributed by diligent technology & business consulting GmbH?

Dear Friends,

I have notice the major contribution in new SuiteCRM 7.8 as --Workflow Calculated Fields contributed by diligent technology & business consulting GmbH.

What is this enhancement of Workflow Calculated Fields ?

What functionality it adds to CRM capabilities?

Please enlighten us with some good examples.

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You’ll find some informaiton (not much, though) here:

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Unfortunately without a manual or at least some examples it’s useless, for the moment.
In any case it seems to add something that, once explained how to use it, should be very useful!!!

You are right, amariussi.

:frowning: Not proper info is there, I failed to understand.

:dry: Even when I visited the WORKFLOW section, I could not figure it out there also.

The developers and Contributors should come forward and place sufficient info and videos, so as to facilitate the users of SuiteCRM to envisage the powerful usage of this functionality.

:lol: I am sure that they must have given a great consideration to add it into WorkFlow and it would be a value-addition to CRM.

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I agree, it seems promising but need more information. I was able to get some simple fields to update (similar to concatenating two fields together) but as for actual math formulas nothing happened. I’m sure there is more info required to get that going.

I’ve contacted diligent technology & business consulting GmbH for documentation in Workflow calculated fields.

They’re quick answer are : “we handed over all code and documentation of SweeterCalc to SuiteCRM/SalesAgility”

So, Mister Community Manager, could you send us this documentation?

Thanks in advance

Dear Friends,

Here is the (Unofficial) documentation which may help us all, I guess!

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@theachiever, can i kiss you?

Ha Ha…, Welcome!

Did the link disappear with the recent forum migration?
Was: /uploads/migrated/kunena/attachments/38576/CalculatedFields-Documentation.pdf

It’s all here, I think


If somebody needs additional calculated fields features, have a look at my PowerFields SuiteCRM Add-on.

You get

  • a lot more syntax options (fetch related data, advanced string and date manipulation, etc)
  • extensibility: add your own functions
  • ability to type formulas directly when filling in field
  • ability to automatically apply a formula (as a transformer function) onto a value that is typed during an edit
  • default values for fields automatically filled by functions

If enough people come together and sponsor me, I eventually donate the code to Core SuiteCRM which is where it belongs and where I want it to be :heart:

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