What is the recommended setup for SuiteCRM when accessed in public?


The version of our SuiteCRM is 7.9.5. It was installed and accessed only within our company network. Our internal client want it to be accessed also in public. My question is - What is the recommended setup for SuiteCRM in terms of securing the customer information stored in the database?


I’d say there aren’t many security advices specific to SuiteCRM. What you need to do are the generic steps to ensure a web server running PHP is secure on the Internet.

One thing that really helps security is upgrading PHP to 7.x and SuiteCRM to the latest.

Then if you set your file permissions correctly when installing SuiteCRM, you should be ok. Just make sure you didn’t use any wide-open permissions like 777 (assuming this is Linux).

Use HTTPS. Buy a certificate or get one free from Let’s Encrypt or similar services.

Just a FYI: this is the website for Let’s Encrypt :slight_smile: https://letsencrypt.org/

Thank you, pgr… we have set some security measures with our installed SuiteCRM and now ready for public use… The users will access it via https protocol.

Thank you, l.horstink… We already have installed certificate for our SuiteCRM.