What is making SUITE CRM run so slowly?

Can anyone help please?

Our installation of SuiteCRM is running very slowly. This has got progressively worse over the last week or so. We are running version 7.6.6 on a Linux server. No modifications have been made.

We have put a duplicate verssion on to a different server to rule out networking or server issues but the problem is the same. As a side note, we had the same issue previously and we set set up a brand new version but instead of ‘restoring’ the old database to the new version we imported each modules’ records and this significantly improved the speed. It has however, now slowed once more over time.

Some pages load very quickly others do not. When you select a page from Accounts or Contacts it can take as long as15 seconds to load the record. The server response time can vary from between 0.72 of a second to c.9 seconds yet when you time how long it takes to load all the data on a page this is significantly longer. It all seems to be a bit intermittent.

If we turn off Ajax clearly the whole page takes anything up to 15 seconds to load.

We have pruned the database and carried out various tasks to try and recrtify the problem but we are not really at a loss and it is having a significant impact on my team.

Has anyone also had similar issues? Can anyone shed any light on what the issue might be?

I have seen some threads discussing a whole number of potential issues / solutions but nothing suggested seems to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.


If I were in your shoes, I would turn the log level to debug, load one of the slow screens, and see if I can determine what step is slow.

You might also checkout the performance enhancement suggestions in Jim Mackin’s SuiteCRM for Developers eBook.


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sieberta is right you need to find what query gets you into trouble.

We did experience extreme slowlyness on cases and found out that some relation where buggy
now I have a script that runs every now and then to clean things up
one of the script that I run in my mssql server is

update aop_case_updates set deleted = 1 where ISNULL(case_id,'') = '' AND deleted=0

once I ran this script the cases where running much faster
I do check other relation to find record having null in the value with relation to other tables…

I am not saying this is necessary SuiteCRM fault, this might be old integration (most not using soap, our bad) on our end that might cause the problem that I am explaining…

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Check if you have a ton of Reminders getting generated. That was a recent bug (https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/1861)

Go into the database and check that table. The fix would be

update ‘reminders’
set deleted = 1
where deleted = 0



I know this is an old topic, but I found lots of useful info in the 6.5 sugar CRM guide.

Look on page 121 of the guide found here:

Quite a few of the options deal directly with optimization like:

  • disable_vcr option which make it load less records at a time (p. 141)
  • dump_slow_queries will log slow queries (p. 141)
  • memcache settings (p. 144)