What is Business Hours For?

What is the new business hours module for? Is this for projects/ghantt?

Great question! I was also wondering. Looks useless.


Business Hours can be edited from the admin panel. It is used to control when workflows are fired off. As a module it should be kept hidden I believe.

Could you give a little example how business hours can be used in Workflows?

I would have a good example, but I need to see if it works like I think. I have a few customers that have particular opening hours and they want to automate an e-mail when the car dealer is closed to cutomer who makes a quote. So I would create a workflow that would send an e-mail only if the business hours are not met as a condition.

Hi Guys

I have also noticed in 7.74 within Projects it has a tick box that states = Consider Working days:

I think this relates to business hours when creating a new project and project tasks?

to Developers:

Type please more details about business hours. I’d like to add this information to Russian application guide.


I also don’t understand the way business hours works, in the meantime how can i hide it (consider working days) from the mass update in projects ?

Shouldnt this be added to the userguide or at least explained somewhere ? It seems my now() function was not working at since just 'cos I did not set any open working days.

Where did you set ‘open working days’?

The business hours module on my system appears only to have fields for ‘name’ and ‘description’